Axle Motorsport

Axle Motorsport

Founded in 2008, Axle Motorsport (Axle) is the brainchild of Malaysia’s premier Formula 1 racing driver Alex Yoong. Embodying Alex’s drive and passion for the sport, Axle Motorsport provides progressive avenues to the motorsports industry. As the global dimension of this sports platform becomes increasingly prominent, Axle Motorsport prides itself in growing leaps and bounds in the short few years since its inception.

Deeply entrenched in the belief that we are a family, not a workforce, and the values of trust, accountability, and responsibility from our foundation, Axle Motorsport’s work culture is unique in that it offers best-in-class industry inner workings, providing innovative solutions to clients and stakeholders to fit the needs of a rapidly changing sporting environment.

Axle Motorsport strives to be a worthy business partner by continually reinvesting in our knowledge of this fast paced industry, augmenting our robust networks and developing our skills-set.

Our Vision

Our vision is goal-oriented and identifies where we’re going and how we’re going to get there. As Axle Motorsport continue to grow we remain aware of our broader responsibilities and our intention is to become one of Asia Pacific’s leading sports solutions enablers.

Our Mission

The goal of training talents for the level they aspire to reach to has motivated Axle Motorsport to develop programmes that emphasise individual skill development. To achieve this and meet our goals, Axle Motorsport have developed a 360° approach that enables us to proactively look for new possibilities in talent development. One important way for us to do this is by attracting and subsequently retaining the best talents in this industry.

Our 360° platform is a seamless end to end approach that covers key aspects of technical know-how, knowledge sharing, branding and image management.