The Event

eRacing Grand Prix SEA aims to develop a regional eRacing championship with the objective of transforming virtual racers into real-life motorsport champions.


Key Management

Alex Yoong


Executive Director

Belinda Xavier


Marketing & Promotions

The Alex Yoong Factor

Alex's wide range of technical know-how and first-hand experience puts him in a unique position and affords him an unparalleled perspective. He leverages this insight - ranging from his worldwide experience as team leader and his analysis on what affects results on all of Axle's programmes in order to achieve specific results and targeted goals.

Our Credentials

As specialists in this sector, we understand the processes that will ultimately bring the necessary ROIs to your involvement and investment in the motor sports industry.

As a full service consultancy company functioning as specialists and representatives of our clients within professional sports, we maintain a hands-on approach with Directors, Managers, Coaches, and Talent acquisition Specialist. Our clients choose us to manage their interest on a wide spectrum ranging from contract negotiations to media and branding.

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